Selling Leads

The role of long and short factors in the market refined oil market or fall into order

    Since this week, due to the week at the ministerial oversight committee (JMMC) meeting has not yet reached a substantial positive measures to rule out the possibility of the recent expansion agreement to expand the scale, and in September will enter the United States refining Plant overhaul period, will lead to the slowdown in demand for crude oil, so some investors in the profit-taking operation under the oil prices fell sharply. However, the domestic OPEC member countries in August during the decline in crude oil exports and the number of active drilling in the United States decreased and crude oil stocks continued to decline in the positive boost, the week the international crude oil futures prices showed a rebound in the overall trend.

    As of August 24th fourth working day, reference to the average price of crude oil varieties of 50.05 US dollars / barrel, the rate of change of 0.98%, the corresponding retail price of gasoline and diesel should be raised 31 yuan / ton, the current window period for September 1 24 hours. Short-term international crude oil futures difficult to get rid of the pattern of shocks, the rate of change is a narrow range, the current retail price stranded probability still exist.

    From the domestic market point of view, the week to maintain the trend of crude oil prices, the rate of change is a narrow range, the news has little impact on the oil market. At the same time, environmental inspection hype atmosphere cooling, Shandong refining gasoline and diesel prices stable sporadic narrow adjustment. Into the late, the main unit sales pressure gradually, in order to catch up with the sales progress, local areas of the main unit preferential policies secretly relaxed. Downstream demand is weak, most of the industry off the market to wait and see, the market buying and selling atmosphere can hardly be optimistic.

    In contrast, the retail market, due to the retail price adjustment on Friday suffered stranded, so this week the domestic gasoline and diesel retail price remained stable, while the wholesale price sideways mainly run, so the spread of zero spreads. As of Thursday (August 24), the domestic gasoline retail sales of 2071 yuan / ton, compared with last Thursday fell 6 yuan / ton; diesel theoretical retail profit of 1163 yuan / ton, up 5 yuan last Thursday / Ton. In the latter part of the period, the short-term retail price will remain stable, while the wholesale price of refined oil is still the main sideways, so next week, gasoline and diesel wholesale and retail price fluctuations are limited.

    Into next week, the international oil prices to maintain concussion trend, the rate of change to maintain a positive range of operation, next Friday (September 1) retail price stranded probability is large, the news market is difficult to significantly boost, supply and demand fundamentals or will lead market. Next week for the last month of the last sales cycle, due to the current majority of the main units are still overestimated, so the latter will be further promotions, local areas focus or continue to move down; and ahead of the task unit price will continue to run high. At present, the main refinery operating rate gradually increased, gasoline and diesel resources supply is more abundant, relative to the demand side, the market supply exceeds the pressure is difficult to effectively alleviate the pressure. In addition, some downstream users have bargain-hunting early, the market is basically in the depot state, the industry once again into the market to increase the risk of procurement, so the market turnover atmosphere continued light pattern. On the whole, multiple news about the market, is expected next week, the domestic refined oil market sideways, local prices change, the overall volume difficult to significantly improve.